Golf gifts are always a good choice to give to someone who enjoys playing the sport, and a great option if that person is tricky to buy for. People who enjoy golf are always happy to receive golf gifts, whether it is an expensive gadget or amusing, novelty items that are available in stores. Golf accessories, such as clothing or sunglasses, make good gift ideas and are not as expensive as other types of golf gifts, but there is one golfing gadget that offers more than novelty and it is something that is useful to all golfers. It is the golf divot tool. A divot tool is used to fix the damage caused by golfers who swing their clubs too close to the grass or by golf balls landing on the putting green.

The marks, or divots, are repaired by the too. It has two prongs that are used to carefully push the soil back into place, and the technique used ensures that no further damage is caused to the root structure of the grass. All golfers should carry a divot tool with them as they play the course, so they can repair any marks they make or see. What makes the divot tool a great gift is that it is small enough to put on a key ring or to carry in a pocket. The prongs fold into the casing for safety when it not in use, and there is enough space on the casing to have it personalized with funny text, personal message or a brand or logo. This makes it a good option to give as gifts at corporate golfing tournaments to promote a brand. A golf divot tool is a useful gift that would be appreciated by any golfer or fan of the sport, and it is inexpensive compared to other golf gifts.

  • Chevron-Wide
    Is your brand sporty or serious? Hi-tech or no-tech? Depending on your positioning, one of Pitchfix’s models can help to say the right thing.
  • Packaging
    When you give a Pitchfix to your client, you’re not giving just another golf tool. You’re packaging your brand.

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