To play golf, there are some specialist pieced of equipment needed, not just when playing, but to keep the golf course in good condition. To play the game, you need to have clubs, tees, golf balls and markers. A golf trolley is also very useful to carry all of the equipment around the course. Other equipment that is used for playing golf are shoes and clothes that are designed for the sport, GPS watches and other golf tools that help with training. There are also golf tools required for the maintenance of the course, in particular the putting green which can be susceptible to damage. The damage often occurs when a golf ball or club contacts the turf, leaving marks or divots that need to be fixed. If not fixed correctly, it can lead to deterioration in the grass that often takes months to properly repair.

Fixing divots can be hard work, especially for golf course professional who have to do it often. That is where a tool like the Greenkeeper Pro comes into its own. The patented RepairtechTM pins lift and aerate the soil, making it quick to fix divots and brown spots in the grass. The tool also has a long handle, so there is no more bending down to fix divots. Lightweight graphite makes this tool a pleasure to carry, and they can also be installed at the green edge for players to use. For great results for professionals and players, choose the Greenkeeper Pro.

There are many great golf tools available, but one tool that every golfer should carry around the course is a divot tool. It is similar to a fork, with two prongs that are used to repair the divot. The prongs are inserted into the turf around the outer edges of the mark, then the sides are carefully pushed back towards the center to close the gap. This technique is recommended so the grass roots are not damaged. There are many stores that sell a variety of golf tools, and divot tools are inexpensive. They are a compact tool that fits on a key ring or in a pocket, so they are every easy to carry around the course. Golf is a sport that attracts many types of people and business, and the golf divot tool is ideal for displaying a brand or logo, or promoting a company’s image. This makes it a good option for building brand awareness at golfing events. Not only are golf divot tools great for fixing the turf, they are great marketing tools too!

  • Chevron-Wide
    Is your brand sporty or serious? Hi-tech or no-tech? Depending on your positioning, one of Pitchfix’s models can help to say the right thing.
  • Packaging
    When you give a Pitchfix to your client, you’re not giving just another golf tool. You’re packaging your brand.

A well thought out promotional gift can be a tool that helps your business to grow. Getting your brand logo inform of lots of different people is a great way to spread the message about the product or services you offer. At Pitchfix, our golf accessory branding means you can give well-made, practical gifts that will be talked about. Our range of divot tools and ball markers can be customized with your business colors and logo, and are nicely presented ready for you to hand out to potential clients at networking events. Give the right impression. Choose golf accessory branding by Pitchfix!

At Pitchfix, we offer your business branding on our range of quality golf tools, and now you can make an even better impression by having the gift packaging branding too. Just like our golf tools, our packaging show premium quality. They neatly display our golf tools as well as protecting them from damage. Having your logo displayed on the packaging as well as the tools creates a consistent look from the start. Anyone receiving you promotional gifts will take notice, especially when the see that quality is something that your business cares about. To discuss your branding options further, call one of our team now.

  • Green AquaBrush - Front View.png
    • Replaceable Brush Heads
    • Club-face spraying system
    • Attachable to golf bag
    • Lightweight and Durable
    • Available in 4 different colors
  • PickCup Side Front Page
    • Easy to install
    • Fits existing flag stick sizes
    • Soft Edge to protect hole
    • Less pin replacements
    • No bending over to retrieve ball
    • Patent pending
  • PickCup Promo-Side-Front-Page
    PickCup Promo
    • Promote Club Logo
    • Promote tuition services
    • For corporate golf days
    • For business members
    • Same features as normal PickCup

Aquabrush is the golf accessory you need to keep your golf club head clean and free from debris, which could affect your shot. Mud and grass often get stuck in the grooves, and this can affect the spin and direction of a golf ball. Aquabrush delivers a spray of water and a nylon brush head that makes it quick and easy to clean your golf club. Small enough to carry in your bag, or fix to the outer for easy reach, the Aquabrush is the latest must-have golf gadget. With four colors to choose, it also makes a fantastic golf gift. See the range today!

PickCup is an innovative tool that has benefits for both greenkeepers and players. It attaches to the bottom of the flagstick to create a cup for a golf ball to sit in once it has been holed. For players, this means easy retrieval of the ball, simply by lifting up the flagstick. For greenkeepers, it helps keep the hole edges neat and free from being damaged. Fully compliant with the Rules of Golf, which now state that flags can be left in place while putting, the PickCup can be used for competitions. For easy green-keeping and happy players, get PickCup today!

PickCup Promo means you can advertise your club, pro services, or give local businesses the chance to sponsor holes on the golf course. PickCup attaches to the base of the flagstick, providing a shallow cup that collects the ball. Instead of reaching into the hole to retrieve a ball, a player simply lifts the flagstick. PickCup Promo is the ideal space for getting a message seen, as every player that putts into that hole will see it. Not only that, it helps make green-keeping easier by protecting the hole edges. For a neat way to advertise, get PickCup Promo today!

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