Best Divot Repair Tool 2017 – by GolfDigest

Pitchfix, the ball-mark whisperer that last year brought you the Twister, a three-pronged, idiot-proof tool that fixes ball marks with a simple up-and-down motion, now has a switchblade-style version. The Fusion 2.5 Pin lets you instantly flick open the prongs to do their work, then just as easily retract the pins so the whole unit… Read more »

Pitchfix Fusion 2.5 review – by Niche Golf

Over the years, I’ve had many types of divot tools, some with one prong and some with two; some were made of plastic and some metal. There are certainly tons of divot tools on the market and each one, if used properly, will help maintain the putting surface and is a courtesy to the golfer(s)… Read more »