All golfers should use a divot tool when out on the course, and a personalized divot tool is even better. As many good golfers know, it is important to keep the grass on the course in healthy condition so it is good to play on. A divot tool is used to repair any damage made to the grass, cause by golf clubs scraping the ground or by golf balls making marks on the putting green. It is important to repair these divots so that the course is kept in good playing condition. A divot tool is a useful piece of golfing equipment that has two prongs. The prongs are inserted into the grass around the edges of the divot, and then the sides are gently pushed back together until the gap is closed.

The Greenkeeper Pro offers you all the benefits of a traditional divot tool, with added extras that make it really special. The steel, spring-loaded pins make it easy to use as well as durable, while the ergonomic handle and light weight shaft make it comfortable. There is also no bending over to reach the grass, saving your back the pain of divot repair. Great for professional greenkeepers and course marshals, this patented divot tool saves time and make it simple to fix divots and brown spots. Greenkeeper Pro tools located at the edges of a green mean that players can also use them to repair the divots they see, bringing benefits to both the payers and to the course.

A personalized divot tool is a great gift idea for any golfer. With so many divot tools out there, a personalized one means that it won’t get mixed up with someone else’s or can be easily returned if left on the course. There are also many options available to personalize the divot tool. You can display a brand or logo, or show that you support a football or baseball team. A personalized divot tool can have almost any design you want, perhaps you want to show that you belong to a group or club, or have a funny message, a motivating phrase, icon or smiley instead. However you want to personalize the golf divot too, the options are there. If you want a great gift idea for a golfer, a personalized divot tool is something any player would be happy to receive. It shows that thought has gone into choosing a person’s gift, rather than just purchasing a run of the mill divot tool, and that’s something that is sure to be appreciated.

  • Chevron-Wide
    Is your brand sporty or serious? Hi-tech or no-tech? Depending on your positioning, one of Pitchfix’s models can help to say the right thing.
  • Packaging
    When you give a Pitchfix to your client, you’re not giving just another golf tool. You’re packaging your brand.

If you are looking for some cool promotional gifts for your business to give to clients and customers, you might be wondering what to choose. Golf accessories by Pitchfix are well made gifts that any golf player would enjoy using. You can have your business logo and colors displayed on our divot tools and ball markers, giving you a great gift that can be given out at networking events or team days out. A good promotional gift helps your business to gain new customers and supports growth. Call us today and out staff will be able to discuss your golf accessory branding options.

When you have a quality product, it shows first in the packaging. It is the first impressions that count, especially for businesses who want to bring in more clients. That is why a superb promotional gift that is associated with your business is key to great marketing. If you choose our golf accessories to have your business logo displayed, you can have it on the packaging too. Our packaging is modern and designed to show off our products with great presentation. If you are looking for promotional gifts that impress, call our team now to talk more about golf accessory branding and packaging options.

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