What is a divot tool used for in golf? It’s a question that lots of people want to know the answer to. Divots are the marks made in the grass on the golf course that are cause by golfers as they play. They often brush the turf with their clubs, or leave marks on the putting greens. These divots need repairing to keep the course in good condition, so golfers are encouraged to carry a divot tool with them, so they can repair the divots they see.

Divot tools have two metal prongs that are inserted into the edges of the mark. The grass is then carefully stretched to close the gap. This technique is preferred so that no damage is caused to the grass roots, so it can grow healthily. The problem is that not everyone who uses a divot tool uses the right technique, and this can mean more repair work. The Twister divot tool is a new design by Pitchfix, and it is changing how divots are repaired on the golf course. It has a three pin design, and you do not need any technique to use it. The pins are inserted into the mark a few times, and that is all that is needed to repair a divot.

So, now the answer to ‘what is a divot tool used for in golf?’ is clear, there are more reasons why a Twister tool is the right divot tool. It is a good gift idea for any golfer who likes to keep up with innovative golfing gadgets. The Twister tool can be personalised with a message, icon, or a brand or logo, and it comes in a range of modern colour options. Any golfer would be more than happy to use a Twister tool to keep their course in good condition.

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    Is your brand sporty or serious? Hi-tech or no-tech? Depending on your positioning, one of Pitchfix’s models can help to say the right thing.
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    When you give a Pitchfix to your client, you’re not giving just another golf tool. You’re packaging your brand.

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